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Want your church on top searches in Google? Great news for you! Discover how you can boost the signs ups and visitors without spending a dime.

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    Have you ever heard of Google Ad Grant? Google Grant has been an unrevealed marketing secret for churches. But we have changed the game now! This grant is designed for selected non-profit organizations and provides about $10,000 every month. However, this whole program demands strict optimization which needed to be fulfilled by the churches. For this churches require a team of experts to manage the Google Grant account and carry out daily optimizations. Being a ministry head you might be persistently searching for strategies to reach your community. Reach out to us for getting the grant and managing your Google Ad Grant account.

    Did you know Google Grant can give you money?

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    I want to thank you for helping us develop a strategy around our live streaming and managing our Ad Word campaign. In less than 2 months we have now reached many countries with the Word of God.We would not have been able to accomplish this without GAM technology's help.

    GAM Technologies has helped our church get more visitors online and offline.They are very comfortable and professional to work with. Great company to work with.

    What are the challenges you are facing to expand?

    Lack of proficiency

    Are you unable to strategize your marketing?

    No outcomes

    Have you been blowing up money on worthless advertising?

    Time Management

    Are you battling with managing time for promotions?

    Mechanism of Search Engine Marketing

    1. For instance, a person google for the church near them.

    2. Google Ad will your church at the top of search engine results.

    3.Visitors will click on the Google Ad to reach out to your website.

    What we will do for you?

    Marketing Strategy

    Get started with fundamental goals.

    Appropriate Keywords

    Pick up targeted keywords based on your ministries.

    Creating Google Ads

    Our marketing specialists will create Google Ads to drive more traffic.

    Account Optimization

    We will optimize the results daily.

    Efficient use of Budget

    Our team will make the most of the budget and deliver the best results.

    Monthly Reporting

    Our team will make a monthly report based on the performance of the ads.


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