Unlimited Google Ad Grant Management

Google Ad Grants proffer qualified non-profits a $10,000 month grant to utilize them on Good search ads.

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    Google Ad Grant Management Services

    Google Ad Grant Management Services helps your non-profit organization to increase the traffic on our website with appropriate searches for your issues and services. The full amount of $10,000 can help you attain 70,000 targeted visitors to your website annually. We will keep you notified of the latest Google Ad Grant guidelines and policies monthly to maintain your account. Overall, we will optimize your account and execution metrics established by Google.

    What is the Google Ad Grant program?

    1.)Google Ad Grant Program is designed with the motive to help the selected non-profit charitable organization. This will help them uplift their voice to make a greater impact globally..

    2.) The program has been designed in such a way that people from all nations can associate and connect with the real cause. Thus, empowering the charitable organization and helping nurture helpless people.

    3.) Google Ad Grant Program is welcoming all eligible non-profits to spread the awareness at global level and increase the size of their targeted audience.

    Our Mission

    GAM Technologies mainly focuses you attract donors, recruiting volunteers, and raising awareness about your organization and causes. Subject to your objectives and goals, we will develop strategies and campaigns for your account using hi-tech professional tools. We will also guide you through the process of reactivating your Google Ad Grant account if it has been dangled. Our dedicated team will plan and optimize your campaigns on weekly basis according to the latest Google Ad Grant policies.

    Why Work With Us?

    There are chances that your non-profit organization might already have a Google Grant account and you are well-informed of the window of opportunities this might can bring. We will put some strategy for managing your account to get some success in increasing the visibility. We have already worked with some organizations and have helped non-profits grow and fulfil their motive.

    Raise Awareness

    Attract New Supporters

    Increase Website Traffic

    Build Your Brand

    How Our Google Ad Grant Management Works

    Once you have us on board, don’t be intimidated by the account responsibilities! We will utilize the google grant amount efficiently and increase traffic on your website.


    In case you have not applied for the google grant account so we do that for your non-profit. Once your account has been approved your non-profit will start getting the amount for ads monthly.


    Once we have the access we will utilize the amount effectively while maintaining a properly structured account.

    3. Unlimited Management

    We will manage the account as per the latest google guidelines which includes maintaining CTR, geo-targeting ads for particular location and analyzing keyword research report monthly.