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Custom strategies

With Gam Technologies, your ranking strategy is personalized to you. We use machine learning and manual Audit to your website to identify how we can improve, and then our ranking experts execute.

Focused on your industry

From our Manual Audit Techniques technology to our team of ranking specialists, we are zeroed in on your industry. We know what it takes to succeed there.

Driven by data, not gut feelings

Every action we take is backed by Gam Technology, a proprietary marketing that has analyzed 40,000+ data points for every keyword you want to rank better.

Additional Solutions

SEO strategies that produce real results.

Never wonder what's working. Never fall a step behind. Get unmatched intel that delivers results.

Faster, smarter research.

Gam Technologies analyzes over 400,000 data points per keyword. In a matter of seconds, our SEO ranking tool pinpoints valuable ranking signals to help improve your rankings faster and grow your organic traffic more reliably.

Specialists in your industry.

Your strategies are executed by experts who understand your industry. They know the lingo. They know what works. They not only help you rank better, they help convert the people who find you online.

Complete transparency.

You never have to guess what’s happening for your ranking campaign. You will have access to regular, detailed reporting about not only what has been done but how your website is performing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to generate exposure for your business online. However, there are some common seo mistakes that can easily be made if you don’t take the time to understand how search engines like Google work. From not properly optimizing your webpage titles and meta descriptions, or not submitting an updated sitemap periodically, many seo strategies can be quickly forgotten-- resulting in decreased website visibility. Additionally, failing to analyze your current seo status can prevent progress from being made, as it’s important to stay up-to-date with Google regulations and trends. The good news is that reviewing the seo basics and understanding the most overlooked seo techniques should help any business listing succeed in generating traffic through search engine optimization.
  • An SEO audit, or search engine optimization audit, is a detailed analysis of a website’s seo performance. A thorough audit examines a website from bottom to top to identify areas in need of improvement. It not only covers seo components like content, meta tags and titles, but also how the site appears in Google searches. By leveraging seo best practice standards and ensuring these practices are followed on a website, an seo audit can help a business get more visibility on popular search engines such as Google, ultimately leading to higher rankings for targeted keywords and better performance overall.
  • SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of optimizing web content so it appears at the top of Google search results. As Google is the most-used search engine on the market today, SEO is vital for growth of a business. Its goal is to make sure that people who are searching online can find your content easily and quickly. Companies must ensure all elements of their sites are optimized for maximum visibility and this includes page titles, meta descriptions, headings and other elements. Consistently using SEO techniques can help to not only rank higher in search engines but also increase brand awareness and reach more potential customers.
  • Our team blends a variety of SEO strategies to help you rank better. Examples include on-page optimization, content development, link and citation building, technical SEO, and more. We know that a lot goes into ranking well, which is why we target the strategies that address your website’s specific needs, opportunities in your market, and the work we know will make the biggest impact.
  • The answer will be different for every business! Rankings are highly dependent not only on your industry but also on the competitiveness of your local market. Additionally, factors such as how long your business has been around and how well-established you are in the area can impact the speed of results.
  • Gam technologies has a network of 200+ professionals including affordable SEO Experts. We are one of the largest and most well-established talent solutions providers in the industry.
  • When you hire dedicated SEO professionals from us, we will introduce you to each member of your team by sharing their profiles via email.
  • Our internal system connects you to the most appropriate resources after thoroughly assessing your business requirements. It is based on a combination of factors such as levels of expertise, skill sets, abilities and years of experience.
  • Gam Technologies takes a completely different approach. We believe in taking ownership of the work we do. We take full responsibility and ensure that the resource you hire gives optimum productivity. With more than 15+ years of experience working with different clients, our Talent Success Coaches help you onboard Search Engine Optimization Experts who’d never disappoint when it comes to delivering results and meeting our clients' expectations.

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