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    What is Zoho CRM?

    Zoho CRM is a SaaS cloud-based CRM with many customisable features, Zoho CRM gives you the best of both worlds. Perfect for a serious business on a budget! With Zoho CRM, you can store data, improve customer engagements, and increase conversion rates for small and medium businesses.

    Customer Relationship Manager, also known as Zoho CRM software, is an internationally renowned and award-winning CRM. With the aid of Zoho CRM, businesses can enhance their relationships with current clients and speed up the process of attracting new ones.

    Your marketing, sales, and customer support functions are brought together by CRM as a single depot. Additionally, it enables you to centralise all of your personnel, policies, and company operations on a single platform.


    Zoho Integration

    With our Zoho Integration services, you can streamline your business processes, stay ahead of your competitors, increase your ROI and profit margin, and cut down unnecessary costs.

    Zoho Migration

    Zoho Migration offers a hassle-free data transfer for a better working experience. Whatever service you are, migrating from we Zoho ensures your transition as smooth as possible.

    Zoho Customization

    By modifying existing Zoho CRM features to meet your unique business requirements, our CRM developers can customize your Zoho CRM solution.

    Data & Analytics

    Analytics can be done in a simple yet effective manner with Zoho Analytics. Utilize either the cloud or on-premises analytics to analyze massive amounts of data.

    Who is Zoho CRM built for?

    With Zoho CRM, you can boost leads, accelerate sales, measure performance, and streamline your customer relationship. By utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and business intelligence features, remote workforces can accomplish more together.

    Zoho CRM is easily adaptable to the unique requirements of companies of every size and industry. CRM software is used by big businesses, startups, and business sectors like real estate, healthcare, insurance, restaurants, travel, media, fax, banking, nonprofits, and freelancers to boost marketing, sales, and customer service operations.

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    CRM Certified Consultant

    Zoho CRM Implementation

    GAM Technologies is a prime Zoho CRM consulting and implementation consulting associate allowing to have access to the newest developments in application base. The approach includes following steps:

    Business process model
    Variance analysis
    Set up and execution

    Benefits Of Zoho Implementation In Your Business

    There are chances that you can find it hard to manage your sales, marketing and customer relations then probably it is time to customize Zoho CRM. Here we have briefed some of the benefits of Zoho CRM.

    • - Help managing an account’s information to staying up to date compiled of payments, reports and business deals.
    • - Allow you to take better decisions as per access given to you accurate data and reports by Zoho CRM.
    • - Zoho CRM ensures the whole team has access to data irrespective of their location.
    • - Building effective procedures to enhance the productivity of business team.

    Our Expertise

    We specialize in Zoho implementation, and by mapping your company's needs. We can help you get started quickly.

    Admin Service

    Zoho one's admin panel makes it easy to set it up and manage it for your organization.


    With our Zoho consulting services, we assist you in discovering and transforming your customer experience by conducting gap analysis and suggesting innovative solutions.

    Data & Analytics

    We recognize our client's business needs and then provide them solutions around the zoho product.

    How Zoho CRM Solution Work For You ?

    When it comes to sales leads, prospects and customers, Zoho CRM offers a number of Apps and Add-ons for Productivity and Collaboration.

    Sell Smarter

    CRM software such as Zoho CRM can be used to automate sales, marketing and customer service processes. Through seamless integration of marketing processes and resulting leads, sales modules can re-churn cold leads.


    Utilize Zoho CRM's powerful automation functionality to automate repetitive, boring tasks. You can create follow up tasks, send alerts to other team members, or notify the Lead or Contact. Automation of workflows is possible with Zoho CRM.

    Tracking Sales Activities

    Using Zoho CRM, your management, sales, marketing, and support teams can capture leads from incoming inquiries, emails, or your website and convert them into potential sales.

    Super dashboards and reporting

    With Zoho CRM, you can create and customize dashboards for each of your teams, based on their specific department.